RN Distance Education

The College has developed the majority of these distance education subjects to require approximately 150 hours of study over six months (unless otherwise indicated). This equates with a one-semester subject at university and facilitates credit transfer to a range of programs offered by the College and universities.

Many of the subjects can be taken as electives (at no additional cost) within College graduate certificates offering electives. Subjects may also attract credit within university programs and/or the College's graduate certificate courses.

Application forms are available from the College or download. Send your application with the course fee (or authority to invoice your employer section completed) so that it reaches the College no later than four weeks prior to the course enrolment date. A letter confirming your enrolment will be posted to you on receipt of your application. Course materials will be posted to arrive prior to the course commencement date.

Course materials

All distance education course materials consist of a study guide and resources to enable self-paced study and encourage interaction. Learning activities are located throughout the text to enable you to check your progress and to apply course content to your area of practice.

Course assessment

All distance education subjects have a formal assessment component. Assessments are graded against set criteria. Assessments may include essays, learning journals, learning contracts, case studies and research proposals.
To gain a Certificate of completion you must achieve a satisfactory grade in all subject assessments within six months of enrolment unless otherwise indicated.

Credit transfer

Distance education subjects are structured to facilitate credit transfer to universities and to the College's graduate certificate courses. Students are encouraged to negotiate with universities, many of whom give credit to students who have undertaken specific programs of study at the College. Each applicant is expected to seek exemptions individually on the basis of merit; there is no blanket exemption. College staff will be happy to advise on such applications.

The geographical roll

If you elect to be included on a geographical roll, your name, address and contact numbers will be distributed to all students enrolled in your subject.

Enrolment fee

The course enrolment fee covers assessment marking and the opportunity for regular contact with your allocated tutor. Please see specific course details for the fee details. Distance education subjects for

registered nurses

are not funded by NSW Health and do not attract salary supplementation. They are however, tax deductible.
Recommended or set texts are not included in the fee.

Overseas students:

Students enrolling outside Australia and New Zealand will be required to pay an additional $175 postage and handling fee.

Cancellations and refunds

As a general principle, the College will not refund money paid for any distance education subject after the course materials have been posted. A fee of $65 will be charged to cover administration costs when a refund is approved.
The college reserves the right to cancel or suspend any course at any time for any reason as determined by the Board.

   F.1.4 College Refund Policy v3 May2010.pdf (88 KB)

How to Apply

1. Download PDF file of application form.

   RNEN Distance Education Application (190 KB)

2. Complete the printed form
3. Return your completed form, with payment or credit card details:

The College of Nursing
Locked Bag 3030, Burwood NSW 1805

(02) 9745 7501

4. For more information:

Telephone (02) 9745 7500
Email sas@nursing.aust.edu.au